Tim Russ, AAMS

Tim Russ, AAMS

Tim-RussTim joined The Preferred Client Group during the summer of 2010. He began his investment Advisory career with Morgan Stanley in 1999, where he first worked in the World Trade Center in N.Y., and then at M.S.’s Regional office in Sarasota, Florida. Tim moved to Cary, N.C. in 2003 with his wife Susan.

Prior to 1999 Tim held Sr. Management positions with several major Chemical and Petrochemical companies. His strength has always been asking his clients pertinent, detailed questions. Then really listening to what they have to say. Tim continues by performing what he calls: “Drilling deep”. i.e. Working to find out what is most important to his clients, both now, and down the road. This enables Tim to develop comprehensive Investment Plans that seek to meet his client’s needs, and time horizon. After implementation, he follows through by not only doing constant monitoring of his client’s accounts, but by performing systematic, frequent reviews to keep his clients informed.

As an independent Financial Advisor working through The Preferred Client Group and LPL Financial, Tim is able to offer detailed, unbiased financial advice in the following areas – Detailed Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Retirement and Estate Planning, and Comprehensive Tax Strategies.